Why should you partner with our factory?

Great Quality, at the Right Price, Delivered On Time

Business Reasons

We have recently been re-introduced into the AGOA program – (The Africa Growth and Opportunities Act) it allows for Duty Free imports into the USA on single transformation. I.e. we can source the finest fabrics in the world and by converting them to Garments can deliver Duty Free to the USA (and just about anywhere in the World). Our local currency the MGA has weakened significantly in the last 2 years. It shows no signs of recovering.

Although there is local inflation, because of the consistent weakening of the MGA, negative inflation is being experienced in terms of Dollar transactions. So expect prices to come down over a period of time.button

Humanitarian Reasons

madagascar-zaMadagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world.With a Population of over 25,5 million people, only around 550,000 people are formally employed. Currently much of Madagascar relies on World Food Programs and handouts from the IMF.By supporting “Madagascar Garments” you will help break the cycle of Poverty.button